A B O U T  D A V E
About David Sandoval
"I only have 10 days to get ready for …”

I hear it over and over and over. Every few months. Sometimes every few weeks. “I got your name from my (agent, manager, friend) and he/she said that you could get me in shape for my big (photo shoot, audition, pageant, fight, worldwide tour). I really need to get in shape fast! I need to lose weight without losing energy. I don’t want to do anything dangerous or extreme, I just want to shed the pounds and look the best I’ve ever looked in my life.” It seems like they always have less than two weeks. And sometimes, this is their big break, the opportunity that could change the course of their career. Now understand, these people could afford to go to any spa, any gym, any personal chef or nutritionist on the planet. They were coming to me specifically because of word-of-mouth recommendations from other industry insiders who had success with their own transformations. The word throughout Hollywood was that there was something new … a new way … a “clean and green” way to lose weight and break food addictions. A program that no one else had. A simple way to transform your body in just 10 days. That’s the origin of my 10-Day Transformation Pack and 10-Day Transformation Cleanse. 

And now you can enjoy the same program that I use with beauty contestants, actors, fighters
and music stars.  

But you don’t have to be a supermodel to enjoy amazing results in 10 days. In fact, the reasons these celebrities were coming to me in the first place, was that I had helped thousands and thousands of people without Hollywood pedigrees - people of all shapes, sizes and ages. 

A mother of 11 who lost nearly 19.9 pounds and 6 dress sizes in just 10 days! An 81 year-old man who felt so great, he stayed on the program for 198 days! A couple that lost a combined 38 pounds in just 7 days! The list goes on and on. I get stories from people who not only lost weight, but saw their skin clear up, their blood pressure decrease and their cravings diminish. They are re-claiming their lives by re-booting their metabolism and plugging into the power of plants.  

Now it’s your turn!
Lose 5-20 pounds in
the next 10 days.
Why wait 90 days for the same results you can get in 10 days? You can lose 5-15 pounds in the next 10 days. That’s 9 times as fast as the most popular weight loss programs in the market. Plus, my 10-Day Transformation program goes way beyond weight loss. By eliminating all processed foods during your Transformation, your body will re-set itself, and you will train your cells to seek nutrition instead of calories. This means you can maintain a healthier weight AND a healthier lifestyle AFTER the 10 days are over.

Your body can live without a lot of calories, but it
can’t live without 
a lot of nutrition.

The concept behind the 10-Day Transformation is really quite simple. I use nutrient-dense superfoods, slow-burning carbs and highly-digestible protein. All vegan. All natural. You will be consuming only a few grams of sugar and a relatively low amount of fat every day. Importantly, you will not be consuming ANY processed, irradiated, denatured or synthetic ingredients. You will not be consuming any meat, cheese or dairy.  

Your body is going
to love it!  

Your brain might fight you a bit the first few days. It’s like going on a 30-mile bike ride and the first few miles are uphill. But once you start going downhill, you will feel a clean energy unlike anything you’ve experienced since you were a child. And if you need something to munch on, we’ve even provided a short list of “flex foods” to help you get through the first few days of “brain rebellion”, if that happens to you. And if you need further motivation, I created a very unique Transformation Challenge. If you are one of the 9 winners, you can join me (with a spouse or partner) at my 160-acre Rejuvenation Retreat called “The Oasis”.

So, what are you
waiting for?
It’s time for your 
10-Day Transformation!

For a more complete list of celebrity “Transformers” including stars of CSI:NY, The Celebrity Apprentice, Housewives of New York City and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, see the MyPurium website of your Purium Distributor.