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About Eric Nies
Eric Nies is best known as the teen idol from MTV’s "The Real World/New York", the first ever reality show launched in 1992. Famed as the “Pioneer of Reality Television,” Eric was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. While growing up in New Jersey, Eric thrived as an athlete however it was the modeling industry that paved the way for his entrance into entertainment. Nies was discovered by legendary photographer, Bruce Weber, and appeared in his book, Bear Pond, which catapulted his debut on MTV, where he would eventually become reality televisions biggest star. 

In 1994, Eric went on to host the worlds most watched dance program, “MTV’s The Grind,” which was viewed in over 90 million homes around the world. “MTV’s The Grind” became so popular that Eric released “The Grind Work Out” video series, which to date are still the best selling exercise videos of all time. For the following 10 years, Eric made numerous appearances on talk shows, MTV programs including “Real World Challenges,” movies, as well as gracing many magazines and advertising campaigns with his boyish good looks and exceptionally chiseled physique. 

Over the most recent years, Nies has utilized his celebrity to follow his greatest passions of helping to heighten awareness for Pediatric AIDS, cancer research, and childhood obesity. 

Shortly after 9/11, Eric started a non-profit organization called A Moment of Hope, unifying children across America as they joined hands in an understanding of brotherhood. In January 2009, Nies re-emerged into the world of television on VH1’s new reality show “Confessions of a Teen Idol,” where he and six other cast members speak openly about their past and ongoing fame, the perks, the prices paid, and where they humbly are today.  

Through Nies’ 10 years of training with an 8th generation Grand Master and self exploration through lengthy fasts and deep mediation, he has developed an ability to look deep within the core of an individual and help them find their inner harmony and peace of mind.  

Eric is a life coach, and an advocate for wellness through nutrition using his own personal experiences to cleanse and detox clients. 

His mission is to help others reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life. Currently, he is working closely with Psychic Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza in transformational life coaching and intense spiritual re-birth workshops with people around the world. They are in development for a reality show based on their work.

Born on May 23, 1971 in a small beach town in New Jersey, his mother Anna May Nies, has been a pre-school teacher for 40 years and his father, Jack Nies is one of the longest running NBA referees of all time and retired in 2009.

In 1994, Eric went on to host the worlds most watched dance program, “MTV’s The Grind,” which was viewed
in over 90 million homes 
around the world.